Monday, June 30, 2008

Trim Texture Gen Working On GPU

I spent some time today getting point inversion working on the GPU.  Once I had the algorithm together on the CPU porting it to the GPU was straightforward.  It runs pretty nicely, but is not as completely smooth as I would like.  If you are rapidly zooming in and out you can see a little stall in the zoom while the trim textures regenerate.  I think that this will begin to improve once the curve/surface generation cache scheme is in place, but that is a ways away.  I will continue to tweek until then.

So, now the only portion of trimmed surface generation that is not on the GPU is the triangulation of the inverted trimming curve points.  I am using a poorly implemented O(n^2) algorithm (ear clipping), so at some point I want to put in the effort to clean it up.  But again, that is a ways away.

With trim surfaces back working (and better than ever) Pad is completely put back together again.  We are still experiencing some problems when triangulating complex profiles, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a problem with arc generation but I am known to be wrong.  I will probably spend some time over the rest of this week seeing what I can dig up.  Shafts (rotated profiles) are still very broken and will need a good amount of attention to fix up.

What's next?  There are two streams of work I want to attack next.  First is implementing the topology model for Pad.  This will allow me to begin thinking about what will be needed for the boolean operations on solids.  Second is finishing up some more of the intersection routines.  These will also be needed for boolean operations.  In case you can not tell, boolean operations are the next major piece of functionality that I want to tackle.  There is just a lot of ground work that has to be done first.  Once BO's are working well then all sorts of interesting functionality can be explored.

I realized that I have not included any pictures recently.  So here are a couple to view.  The first is just a simple Pad.  The second is the results of zooming way way in on a non axis-aligned trim surface.  You can just begin to see the visual issues that come with using the trim texture approach.  Thank goodness for auto-LOD scaling to make things a bit better.

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