Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tasks Update

Yesterday I outlined my top development priorities.  Being a hot and lazy Saturday here in Nashville, not much is getting done, but I thought that I would update you on my progress yesterday.  I was able to get the majority of the groundwork done for all of the various geometric intersection routines.  With 5 types of geometry (point, line, NurbsCurve, NurbsSurface, and TrimmedNurbsSurface), there are 25 possible ordered intersections.  That is easily reduced to 15 types when order is not a factor.  Of those 15, I pretty much wrapped up 3 of them.  But I also outlined the other 12.  Now I have to get level-of-detail stuff working and then I can wrap up intersections.

For LOD I was able to layout nearly all of what needs to be done.  It should take me only a couple of days this next week to implement and test.  So, I hope that by the end of next week you all will get to start experiencing some of the new code.

Have a great weekend.  Cheers,

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