Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great Response

As many of you know I sent an article to upFront.eZine about Wildcat.  I wanted to introduce more people to the application and start to build an audience.  I am really overwhelmed by the response.  Throughout today I have been getting a great stream of emails from around the world asking about Wildcat.  Wow!!!  Thanks Ralph.

A lot of people are trying out Wildcat.  There are some mixed results.  Most of the users appear to be Windows folks, so they are having to compile the code themselves.  I hope to have a Windows binary installer out soon so please bear with me.  If you are having problems please post your question to the Wildcat mailing list here.  I am getting back to everyone pretty quickly.

I also wanted to let you know about the progress I have been making over the last few days.  I got automatic level-of-detail working for all curves and am very close to completing surfaces.  I also completely rewrote the chunk of code that handles all types of geometric intersection but it still has a couple more days worth of work to go.

I made the mistake of checking in part of this code yesterday so if you download from the SVN you may get some pretty funky behavior when trying to use either Pad or Shaft.  This should be fixed as soon as I get the intersection code working again.

Thanks for all the great feedback.  And please let me know if you want to help out, especially on getting the Windows port up to speed.  My MFC/Win32 skills are complete garbage.


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Stefan Boeykens said...

Is there a particular reason to not use a cross-platform GUI toolkit, such as wxWidgets or Qt?