Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Setting Expectations

I want to set some expectations about Wildcat.  People are starting to look at the application and are starting to use it, all of which makes me very excited.  But this also means that people are pushing it in ways that I have not.  Again this is a good thing.

As of right now Wildcat is not capable of replacing any existing CAD application.  There are just too many gaps in its functionality.  What I hope it can do it show what is possible.  I am continuing to work on it daily, but one person does not a CAD app make.

In an effort to properly set expectations here is a quick list of major things that Wildcat currently can NOT do:
  • No boolean operations (add, subtraction, union) of solids
  • No geometric constraint solving
  • No part assemblies
  • No drafting
  • No dress up features (fillets, drafts, chamfers, etc.)
  • No changing the name of any feature
  • No setting the color of any feature
  • No importing or exporting on non-native file format
  • No analysis (FEA, CFD, etc.)
  • No a lot of other things
I have been concentrating on getting basic infrastructure in place and getting good 2D sketching and basic 3D part features (extrude and revolve) working.  I want to work on all of the list above, it will just take time.

Over the last year Wildcat has evolved substantially.  There is still a really really really long way for it to go.  I would love and appreciate help and I have tried to make the code approachable and understandable.  If you would like to jump in and help turn Wildcat into the application we all want it to be, please contact me at


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