Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Platforms and Installers

Last night I decided for some crazy reason that I wanted to get the PPC/Tiger version up and running.  So I spent a couple of hours and figured out three things.  First, the Accelerate framework for Mac makes major use of the SSE2 instruction set.  So I had to work around this with a couple of better crafted #ifdefs.  Second, the Tiger version of glext.h is missing two of the extensions I make use of for some of the high-end generation routines (GL_EXT_transform_feedback and GL_EXT_geometry_shader4).  Again, a couple of good #ifdefs seem to have taken care of this.  Finally, there must have been a couple of 32-bit to 64-bit changes going from Tiger to Leopard that I was not aware of since I still have a few issues left with the GUI calls.  I hope to clear this up tonight and get everything compiling for 32-bit and PPC and Tiger.  Weeeee!

Also, I took a look at InnoSetup for creating a good Windows installer.  What a massive improvement over deployment projects within Visual Studio.  Way way way way way way better.  I have an installer mostly done and just need to wrap up two things.  First, I need a good stable version of Wildcat that is worthy of a binary distribution.  Second, I need to determine exactly what .dll's need to be distributed with the app.  Mostly these will be VS run-time files.  I should have this done later this week.

Tomorrow I hope to finish up with CCI and CLI and begin moving on to SLI, SCI, and SSI.  I also need to fix up trim surface generation.  That is still very broken.  Blah.


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