Monday, September 29, 2008

Slight Progress Update

Sorry for being quite lately.  I have been very busy with my real job, but we are still making progress with Wildcat.  The Windows build (using wxWidgets) looks great.  Dan has done a great job.  Thanks to him.

I have slowly been adding better support for serialization.  There are quite a few features that don't have full serialization support yet, so I have been adding that in.  My motivation for this is so that I can have a reference part to use for coding boolean operations.  It is much easier, and faster, to just have a file that is opened instead of re-creating the part each and every time. 

The next three weeks are going to be crazy busy with my job, so don't expect a lot of updates.  Check the SVN for progress.  Once we are through the middle of October thinks should be a bit better.  One thing we are still really looking for is someone willing to help coordinate the Linux port.  I think that Dan has done the heavy lifting getting the WX build running, so it should be pretty easy for someone with a linux background.  Let me know if you can help.



Leav said...

sorry I can't help, but just wanted to cheer you on :)

keep up the good work!


Dan Heeks said...

Sorry, I haven't hepled for 1 month. I have some real programming work for a CAD/CAM company in Germany 50% of my time, and I have also been busy with my HeeksCAD free solid modelling software. There is now an exe download for Windows. Please blog again, when there is a file open/save function and I will make sure it works for Windows.

Anonymous said...

hello! when will there a windows download? and will it be possible to port this to blender3d to have CAD in blender?

good luck with the work!


ablogonzo said...


thats super work, I would like to help you, but I do not code C++

Maybe I can help you on an other way... if you know something I could do, please tell me.

I'm seeking a long time for a mac CAD application, and finally you started to make one... thanks... I really appreciate it...

Sorry for the bad english