Friday, July 18, 2008

Topology for Part Pad is Done!

Today I wrapped up a few little fixes to the topology generation for extrusions (PartPad).  See the SVN notes for a few little caveats about two possible issues that will need to be addressed later.  Now I can move on to the really exciting things.

Over the weekend I will start working on the STL methods I talked about in the last few posts.  I have no way of testing the correctness of my output though.  Does anyone out there have the ability to test STL files?  If so, I am more than happy to generate the STL file and post it for download.  Or, you can run Wildcat and do it yourself.  If you want me to do it, what shape would you like (remember only extrusions at this point)?

I have also begun more background reading on boolean operations (also known as boolean merging).  I think that I will start with trying to do planar sections of a part and then progress to Union.  Does anyone have a preference on the order in which I attack the operations?

There is still a lot of outstanding geometric intersection work that will have to be done along the way, but I don't think it will be too too difficult.  Most of it is for the two types of surfaces.  Curves and lines are pretty good at this point, though I do have to code the routines for generating NURBS curves from a series of points (point interpolation).  Piegl and Tiller (The NURBS Book) have a bunch of good algorithms for this.

Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

art of illusion or blender could be a tester for stl.

Just post the stl files, and I try to test for you (and report if I cant).