Sunday, August 3, 2008


On Friday I update a bunch of stuff.  Sadly, most of it is not anything to get excited about.  Primarily it was cleaning up a lot of geometry generation paths.  I was starting into the STL export work and saw the sad state of some of the older Nurbs generation code, that I wrote last summer, and decided the time would be well spent improving that since so much relies upon it.

Also, this week got a bit busy at my real job since I had to prepare for an upcoming vacation.  You won't see many updates for several days as I will be hiking in the mountains.  Sorry.  On the plus side, I did make sure that everything compiles and runs OK on Windows.  I might have introduced a bug that will crash you pretty quickly if you try to project a point onto a circle.  There just wasn't time left on Friday evening to track it down and try to fix it.  I will get there, I promise.



Πετσαγγουράκης Γιώργος said...

Just wanted you to know that I really like the effort you put into this. I am trying to compile with Mingw32 on Codeblocks on windows. At the moment it is not possible.

I really hope that you take this into consideration when you come back from your time out. It would mean much to the open source movement and specifically in open source cad.

One more thought is that sooner or later a scripting interface will be needed. I hope that you are doing the necessary facilities within the structure of the code. For a scripting language I would like to encourage you to look at Lua ( since it is designed to be embedded and its is really fast, combining small size and great expandability at the same time. It also offers an incredibly nice, simple syntax that is incapable to confuse anyone ;)

I'd love to actually be able to use this for architecture and I know that a lot of people are fed up with sketchup as their modeler.
Another thought that is really important is the ability to import and export to other programs. This is a major ability for any program, but you probably already know this...

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that this input is valid in some way.

PS: I am starting to learn c++ and I hope one day to be able to help out,... I sincerely hope that there are parts that I can help, if you have anything in mind notify me ;)

Leav said...

Enjoy the holiday!

just another note in the "We appreciate your work" box :)

if there is anything you need, for example help from a specific kind of developer, please post about it!

I can't promise i'll help but I can promise to try! (and I do!)

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